Every Store, Like Every Customer, is Unique

As the store’s role continues to transform, optimizing increasingly constrained space at all of your locations is critical yet daunting. How and where do you find space? Use proven, predictive science to right-size every store with localized plans that balance individual store space allocations with your top-down and bottom-up strategies.

With optimized store space, you’ll enhance the in-store shopping experience, intelligently allocate labor budgets, reduce inventory costs and achieve the greatest return on space.

Right-Size Your Store Space

How does the science work to right-size your space? Macro space optimization incorporates your category strategies, financial objectives, individual store performance, extensive item data, and current or proposed store assortments. It additionally evaluates product dimensions, historical micro space allocations, and demand influencers like loyalty and market basket insights.

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Seize the Best Opportunities for Change

Efficiently manage all store projects including resets, new stores and remodels. Use cross-store and cross-category insights in planning to understand ROI, allocate labor budgeting and prioritize efforts. Additionally, keep track of changing conditions by simultaneously optimizing multiple alternative strategies along with your current strategy to identify the option that best supports your goals.

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Make Floor Planning Tools Smarter

Floor planning systems are a great foundation, but they aren’t true optimization engines. Maximize your investment in your current tools. Leverage macro space optimization with your existing floor planning and planogramming systems to create store-specific space recommendations, convert under-utilized space and maximize return.

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Enhance the In-Store Shopping Experience

Shoppers connect with well laid-out and localized stores. They like space that is well organized, well presented and stocked with the right products. Replenish your stores with optimal pack-out sizes to keep a better store presentation while lowering labor. Provide your customers with clutter-free aisles and neatly stocked shelves, and you’ll positively influence loyalty and their perception of your brand.