Revionics Promotional Planning Module a step above others

Revionics Promotional Planning Module a step above others
November 10, 2009 Revionics

Looking back, when Revionics first developed the Promotional Planning module, we really did not know the exact capabilities we were going to be featuring. However, Revionics truly has cultivated a distinct Promotion Planning modeling module. In all reality, we were hoping to help customers take the guess work out of determining which items to promote and at which price to promote them at. Conversely, Revionics’ Promotion tool possesses more than that.

The great thing about the Revionics Planning tool that really sets it apart from the competition is that it not only offers assistance in establishing which products should be promoted at what price, but it also aids in distinguishing which are the best offers to feature in addition to where placement would be most beneficial for these products within the ads.

Our promotion optimization not only takes the risk out of running a promotion, but our customers are better able to reach their goals by planning their own events and having the ability and flexibility to make their own recommendations for the right price, right offer, as well as the right time to promote before the ad even goes out!

Revionics has the best promotional planning module in the industry! Our competitors simply do not have this capability. There is no question about it that our Planning tool sets us apart from our competition. Our goal at Revionics is to offer a unique, incredible, one of a kind service that takes the services we offer for pricing one step further in not only bettering us as a company, but in our customers efforts as well.