The Retailer-Centric Supplier Portal

The Retailer-Centric Supplier Portal

The Retailer-Centric Supplier Portal
March 23, 2010 Revionics

As Revionics announces the release of Collaborate, our new supplier portal for retailers, it causes me to reflect on  the web-based trading exchanges, marketplaces, and other “one-to-many” and “many-to-many” models I have bumped into over the past 15 years.  Regardless of model, the most successful initiatives have one thing in common – the party sponsoring the initiative must be the buyer.  Supplier-driven models are well intentioned, but don’t get traction.

The promise is consistent – improve the supply chain by creating an automated, seamless way for buyers to communicate with their suppliers.  Industry-sponsored initiatives stall is when standards are created or enforced, business models are debated, and when the key buyers don’t lead the charge.

At Revionics, our blood bleeds retail, so our perspective is that exclusively of the retailer.  Collaborate, therefore, reflects a rather retailer-centric view of the world.  Within our community of over 100 retail clients, we consistently heard:  Help me create efficiencies by improving the way I do business with MY suppliers.  Help me automate the collection of data from my smallest, least efficient suppliers.  Help me collect my deal information and integrate it into my promotions planning platform.  Help me to know if a deal is good or not before I ink it.  Help me to share information with my supplier community in a way that is controlled, but helpful to my business…

Collaborate’s strength is in its blend of simplicity and sophistication.  For the retailers ready for on-demand promotional modeling of deal monies offered by suppliers, Collaborate can act as a hub of negotiations and deal management.  On the other hand, if a retailer simply needs a central repository for hosting data for their smaller, less sophisticated suppliers, Collaborate can do this too.  Collaborate provides a comprehensive suite of capabilities that are adaptive to the needs of each individual retailer.

Revionics has proven scalability for web based applications – we host and manage pricing for over 20,000 stores each week.  Collaborate leverages the same SaaS platform and creates a private, portal experience for each retailer.   With our deep expertise in systems integration, we have the ability to receive a variety of inbound data types (XML, EDI), and pass information to existing retail environments for the least possible disruption.

Yes, I’ve bumped into many initiatives with the intent of solving supply chain initiatives in the past.  In the end, the buyer wins with Revionics Collaborate.  Collaborate gives the retailer the power to insist on better standards from all suppliers, regardless of size.  I encourage retailers out there who are struggling with disparate ways of managing inbound data from their suppliers to investigate Collaborate.  For more information, visit, or email us at