Part 3: 15 Observations from Black Friday

Part 3: 15 Observations from Black Friday

Part 3: 15 Observations from Black Friday
November 30, 2015 Revionics

This list is a bit of a misnomer as we were out at the stores on Thanksgiving as well as Black Friday! Without further ado:

The Best

  1. Happy cheery employees on both Thursday and Friday—Old Navy, Dick’s, Best Buy, hhgregg, Toys R Us, Macy’s
  2. Old Navy closing for two hours on Thursday to reset store AND have a quick team Thanksgiving
  3. Retailers trying to add excitement by running giveaway contests
  4. Dicks’s using the weekend to move through clearance items by clearly identifying on racks with balloons and signage stating that they were great buys
  5. Line queuing that wrapped around the perimeter of the store making it easier for people to shop; it also gave the impression that check out would be quick
  6. Protective barriers set up around the customers that were sleeping outside overnight waiting for the stores to open
  7. Manager greeting and thanking all customers in line on Thanksgiving before store opened
  8. Good use of bins and boxes on sales floor to get additional items out
  9. Dedicated recovery team to keep the store shoppable after initial rush

The Worst

  1. Understaffed store on both Thanksgiving and Black Friday. This was due to employee turnover and store was unable to borrow sales people from additional stores
  2. Store did not have a door cling with holiday hours posted—said they never received it
  3. Only three cashiers for the initial Thanksgiving rush. Decision was made to have only one line and the three fastest cashiers running the registers so that everyone else could be on the floor helping customers. Unfortunately, when two customers had issues at the same time the line came to a screeching halt
  4. No process for selling door busters. This caused a mad dash once the store opened; other retailers used a ticket system.
  5. Lack of energy late in the day on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. This was in direct contrast to a competitor that was across the street that had music playing, engaged managers that were talking to customers and handing out candy to employees
  6. Same sales from Wednesday-Saturday. Employees stated that the excitement of being open on Thanksgiving and Black Friday were tempered because the same offer had been available all week

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