Live Panel Discussion: Strategic Imperatives in the Age of AI and Empowered Customers

Live Panel Discussion: Strategic Imperatives in the Age of AI and Empowered Customers
April 2, 2019 Tevia Arnold - Senior Director, Global Marketing

Rethink Retail Pricing Live Panel Discussion

As you may have heard by now…retail is not in a death spiral and the store is not “dead”. The retail landscape has changed. Like many industries that have experienced disruption, those who end up on top are those who evolve. Many retailers are already evolving (and have been for years) to turn these enormous shifts in the market that we’re seeing into strategic opportunities.

Our Panelists
In an effort to take a pulse of the industry and find out if others share this same optimism. We have put together a diverse panel of experts providing a 360⁰ view from a seasoned retail executive, a leading industry analyst and a respected technologist. They will share how retail, shoppers, and the technology have evolved and where things are headed next. Register here

Panelists & Guest Speakers:


Panel Details
It’s no secret that the days when retailers could function successfully with long lead times are long gone. Recent data has found that many pricing processes, tools and strategies have not kept pace with the evolving retail landscape.

Attend this live panel discussion on April 9th, “Rethinking Retail Pricing: Strategic Imperatives in the Age of AI and Empowered Customers.” Find out what actions you can take now to ensure your price strategies and tools give you a sustainable edge in today’s hyper-competitive retail environment.

Bonus for Registering
As a bonus, we will offer registrants a complimentary copy of the latest Revionics-commissioned Forrester study. Holiday Shoppers Want Transparency: How Learnings From Holiday Shopper Behaviors Can Help Retail Businesses Year-Round. Register here

Why AI Pricing?
At Revionics, we see every day the degree to which retail innovators are structuring their business for long-term success.  If you’re looking to replicate that success. Join us for this fast-paced hard-hitting panel discussion on April 9 that will face the challenges – and opportunities – head-on.