Insight 2016: Confessions of a first-time attendee

Insight 2016: Confessions of a first-time attendee

Insight 2016: Confessions of a first-time attendee
November 7, 2016 Revionics

insight 2016 panel discussion

From the moment I stepped into the Insight Welcome Reception all the way through to Chairman & CEO Marc Hafner’s closing remarks, my Insight 2016 experience reinforced that I made the right decision joining Revionics. It was the perfect new employee training session. The event—whose purpose is to create a platform where retailers can connect, learn, and share their achievements and best practices with their peers—let me connect and learn as well.

The customer engagement and interaction was amazing! In presentations and at the networking events, innovators like PetSmart VP of Pricing & Promotional Governance Steve Luoma and Walgreens VP of U.S. Commercial Insights Michael Darer shared their experiences, challenges (particularly in organizational change management), best practices, and the drive to innovate and make their companies better. This forum was truly about them and (unlike some other industry events I’ve attended) not a pushy sales event.

Whether you’re a seasoned industry veteran who’s a long-time customer of Revionics or a newbie like me, Insight 2016 provided something for everyone, from strategy-focused executive roundtables with retail executives and industry analysts to interactive breakout discussions for everyday users to learn about new software features.

High-impact general sessions featured industry analysts, experts and customers sharing strategies, trends and industry insights. On Day 1, eBags CEO Mike Edwards; Craig Herkert, former CEO of SuperValu and former CEO of Walmart Americas; and RSR Research Managing Partner and well-respected analyst Brian Kilcourse, along with an expert panel, illuminated the retail audience with the importance of relentless innovation in your growth journey, re-thinking the box for grocery, how to regain control of sales, margins and ultimately profits, and how to keep your customers coming back.

On Day 2, Walgreens’ Michael Darer; Deborah Weinswig, Managing Director and Head of Fung Global Retail & Technology; and PetSmart’s Steve Luoma spoke about transformation to a customer-led omni-channel business and winning pricing strategies, as well as imperatives for globalization, personalization and localization.

I found customer-led breakout sessions particularly valuable because they demonstrated hands-on best practices using Revionics’ pricing, promotion and markdown products within their specific business environments. The questions from other customers gave fascinating glimpses into which business issues they are taking on.

Product demos were particularly valuable and offered value for anyone who was unfamiliar with a particular product—say you have our pricing product but wanted to know more about promotions—or if you wanted to see new features for a product you were already familiar with, again with very interactive customer Q&A.

Breaks, lunches and evening activities invited customer-Revionics interactions in a more relaxing and informal environment. I even learned how to do the hula at the Hawaiian luau! I heard customers call these connections “educational,” “great networking” and “informative” which mirrored my experience.

I’m impressed with the quality of the people I met—both customers and Revionics’ employees. In my career with a variety of software companies, I see Revionics taking the right approach by keeping customers at the forefront of their mission and structuring an event that encourages the exchange of innovative ideas.

As we all, retailers and their vendors alike, participate in the race for relevance, Insight 2016 will inspire us and equip us to drive transformational results. And I encourage customers (and new Revionics employees) to attend Insight 2017 to continue your journey!