Fine-tuning the Art of Delivering Value with Dynamic Pricing

Fine-tuning the Art of Delivering Value with Dynamic Pricing

Fine-tuning the Art of Delivering Value with Dynamic Pricing
March 24, 2016 Revionics

Today’s shoppers are savvier than ever. They’re super-connected. Now combine that with technology and mobility that’s moving at the speed of lightning. For retailers, keeping pace is now a pre-requisite. The new imperative is getting ahead of the competition to truly deliver value for the customer.

The concept of dynamic pricing is not new. It’s all the rage. But all that noise comes with myths that don’t end up working out for those who want to see results. If you have a few minutes, I’d urge you to read this Internet Retailer blog on “Dynamic Pricing Mythbusters – and Some Surprising Key Considerations.”

It comes down to this – how you execute an effective dynamic pricing strategy with competitive insights at the heart of your decision making. Taking a knee-jerk reaction to pricing – whether you’re doing hundreds or thousands of changes a week – is a losing battle when you don’t take into consideration market, competitive and customer insights that validate your pricing strategy.

Using Dynamic Pricing for Delivering Value

To help retailers truly operationalize dynamic pricing, we partnered with Retail TouchPoints to create this eBook titled: “Don’t Just Cut Prices – Craft Them with Dynamic Pricing.” It’s a fast, hard-hitting read with the five tenets of dynamic pricing and strategies to not just survive but thrive in today’s volatile, fast-changing retail environment.

While our expertise and heritage is in retail and pricing across all verticals, it’s really the insights we’ve learned from our innovative retail customers – early adopters of dynamic pricing – who are tackling the challenges of today’s landscape head on.

This eBook outlines five tenets of dynamic pricing – a wealth of how-to insights from RSR Research, Retail TouchPoints and Revionics – providing a unique and compelling roadmap to a future-proof success strategy.

In addition to the success tenets, we share real-world success stories of how omni-channel and etail innovators are driving shopper and shareholder value with smarter, more responsive and targeted pricing.

Whether you’re a longtime convert to the power of customer-focused responsive merchandising or you’re interested in building your knowledge and understanding of the ROI of dynamic pricing, this action-oriented analysis propels you on your journey.