Exciting week at Revionics’ Insight 2015 conference!

Exciting week at Revionics’ Insight 2015 conference!

Exciting week at Revionics’ Insight 2015 conference!
October 23, 2015 Dave Thompson - Chief Technology Officer

As we start to wrap up a very busy week for Revionics, I know many of you are probably wondering how our Revionics Insight 2015 went.  Hopefully, you were able to get a glimpse by following us on Twitter (@Revionics) and LinkedIn as about a dozen of us were blasting into the social sphere. Overall, the conference was GREAT!  Our marketing teams have been working NONSTOP and still are finishing up the post-event recovery activities.

The excitement and energy shown by our customers and partners at the event was contagious. We had a number of retailers attending the event for the first time and what’s inspiring about this is their willingness to rethink the role of analytics and pricing in their overall retail model.

Here are some of the things of which I was especially proud to see:

  • Tim Concannon and Dan Harriman (two of our friends from Delhaize America) did a fabulous job of discussing their pricing transformation journey and sharing why they made the decision to move from what was tactical to a strategic price optimization model. You may know that one of their brands (Hannaford – our own Richard Huston is an alum, by the way!) is an EDLP (EveryDay Low Price) retailer. I think the audience really liked hearing the perspective from an EDLP retailer as part of the presentation!
  • Andres Valdivieso of FarmaCorp had a great presentation on conquering pricing in Latin America. It was very interesting to hear his perspective on building and implementing strategies, and how he approached the rollout to make it successful – and the importance of change management from the top down to the users.  Here’s a link to an interview Andres did with Retail TouchPoints!
  • Tim Lowe of Lowes Foods gave a fantastic presentation on the importance of brand at the center of everything they do – including setting and executing pricing strategy. He brought the house down I think!  You can see an interview with him also with Retail TouchPoints while at the conference.
  • George Lawrie, a Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, gave a keynote presentation analyzing interesting trends in retail.  I especially liked the updates on how consumers are doing smartphone-based competitive shopping in store today, and what that means for retailers.  George gave a recap during his Retail TouchPoints interview at the conference.
  • This was a record year for Insight sponsors and partners who not only shared their innovations during the breakout sessions, but also got to demonstrate them in our Sponsor Pavilion. Key sponsors included Zebra Technologies, RGIS, the Parker Avery Group, Price Revolution, BrandView and Marketyze, among others. Here’s an interview with Onn Manelson, CEO at Marketyze, who is one of our partners participating at the conference.

Our colleagues both on stage and behind represented us extremely well in the full conference and “track” sessions alike.  See Twitter and LinkedIn #RevionicsInsight for some great photos of Marc and the whole team!We realize what we do with our solutions can have an incredible impact on our customers’ business, but what really tipped the scale was for our customers sharing their successes with others at the conference – a great exchange of mind sharing.

Sometimes though, we can forget the inertia our customers feel they face in implementing, whether in change management or in bringing the project front and center in their own business.  The structured decision making processes and higher-level “strategic thinking” our customers are able to achieve are really powerful, but sometimes it takes some work to get the processes put in place by the retailers.

Events like Insight put our customers, prospects and partners together in a forum that lets them talk with each other.  Retailers get an opportunity to hear “the real story” and network to share best practices, concerns and successes.  As our Chairman and CEO Marc Hafner said in his opening:

“It is much better to let our customers talk about what we do than to hear it from us!”

If you would like to see what we covered, check out the overview at the Revionics Insight 2015 site.

Thanks to everyone who participated to make the conference a success, and thanks to everyone at Revionics for enabling us to present the products, services, and great people to our customers and partners!