Come Join Me at the Mobile Price Management Big IDEAS panel at NRF

Come Join Me at the Mobile Price Management Big IDEAS panel at NRF

Come Join Me at the Mobile Price Management Big IDEAS panel at NRF
January 15, 2016 Joe McCorkle - Director of Global Retail Solutions

I’m excited to be on what’s shaping up to be a very interesting panel this year at NRF – The Right Price at the Right Time: Mobile Price Management and Compliance (see details at the end of this blog).

I’m exploring the evolution of pricing toward real-time in this increasingly fast-paced dynamic retail environment. Dynamic Pricing implies the ability to monitor and update prices across all channels – but it demands highly focused, strategic execution to avoid a blind race to the bottom. So the challenge is – how do we help retailers ensure that they have the right price at the right time?

We’re presenting five key considerations and benefits of dynamic pricing and management. I’m giving you a sneak preview here – and an invitation to join me on Sunday January 17 at 10:15 EST to hear the gritty details for yourself!

  1. One store, one experience. Customers expect a single experience across channels, and vendors expect compliance across channels as well.
  2. Welcome to the power of the cloud! Retailers can now tap essentially unlimited compute power to support deep analytics that give real-time and even predictive insights. I’m proud of our science team here at Revionics delivering on this promise for forward-thinking retailers every day. We even allow what-if scenarios so retailers can assess the impact on margin, revenue and profitability of various pricing options.
  3. Leverage the Revionics approach of a comprehensive, end-to-end solutions for all channels – that’s what we deliver with Revionics Dynamic Pricing. I’ll get into some sample workflows and key capabilities detail here.
  4. Price change velocity will only increase – and retailers need to be prepared to keep up with the accelerating pace with a single, extensible solution across all channels.
  5. Execution of price changes. It’s one thing to know what the optimal price ought to be on each item. It’s another to get it implemented in the store quickly enough to drive the relevant results.  Here’s where the joint Revionics-Zebra Technologies capabilities get exciting.  Come here for yourself!

It’s no secret that 2016 will be a make-or-break year for Revionics.  Come to this Big IDEAS panel and get a jump on positioning to thrive in an ever-accelerating world.  See you there! 

Zebra Technologies and Revionics

Title: The Right Price at the Right Time – Mobile Price Management & Compliance

Date: Sunday, Jan. 17th | Time: 10:15 – 10:45 a.m. EST | Location: Level 3 EXPO Hall, Big Ideas Room 3


  • Todd Berner, VP of Zebra Commerce
  • Joe McCorkle, Director of Global Retail Solutions