What can Colin Firth teach us about Retail?

What can Colin Firth teach us about Retail?

What can Colin Firth teach us about Retail?
January 5, 2016 Revionics

In the 2003 hit movie “Love Actually,” Colin Firth’s character, Jamie, falls in love with Aurelia, a woman who only speaks Portuguese.  The problem is he doesn’t speak a lick of it.   But as with any great romantic this fact does not dissuade Jamie from pursuing her.  He tries to understand who she is and what she wants. He also secretly learns Portuguese and on Christmas Day he declares his love for her—in a packed restaurant.

While this is all very touching, there is an incredibly powerful retail message in this scene: if you want someone to fall in love with you, you need to speak their language.

Today customers expect you to speak their language.  They also expect you to understand them and treat them as individuals.  If you are tuned into what they are telling you and giving them what they want then you can protect your margins and win their loyalty.

Give Customers What They Want

At the NRF Big Show this year Sally Beauty Supply’s Group VP of Merchandising, Linda Voracek, will be a panelist on the “How to Break the ‘Death by Discount’ Cycle.” She will discuss how to intelligently harness data to transform under-performing promotions into profitable offers that increase loyalty, margins, and sales. Most importantly she will talk about how to give customers what they want.

Learning Portuguese was Jamie’s grand gesture but their love would have not lasted (in my mind they are still together and no one can tell me any differently (I am a romantic too!)) if he had not taken the time to find out what made her tick.  To understand what she truly wanted and then worked to give her just that.

You need to be Jamie.  It is critical to take all the information at your disposal to truly understand your customer.  Once you have gathered that information you need to separate the signals from the noise. Act on what is relevant and walk into that crowded restaurant and declare your love.  Or maybe you just contact Revionics and let us help you win your customers’ hearts and wallets!